Japan university to offer degree in anime and manga

  • A Japan university will soon be offering a college degree in anime and manga
  • The Kaishi Professional University in Niigata Prefecture will teach its students Japanese animation theories and practices from anime and manga creators
  • The university said they want to teach students to take part in Japan’s animation culture

A university in Japan is set to offer a degree in anime and manga.

Image by Japan City Tours

Make your anime and manga dreams come true by enrolling in an upcoming degree in Japan. The country’s Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has recently approved a university’s proposal to establish an anime and manga department.

According to a report by Crunchyroll, the Kaishi Professional University in Niigata Prefecture is launching the new anime and manga department in April 2021. It will also cater of up to 80 students.

“They will learn the theory and practice needed to create for more than 600 hours from leading anime and manga creators, such as professional animators, animation directors, manga artists, character designers, illustrators, and game creators, as well as animation and manga researchers,” Crunchyroll reported.

The newly offered courses aim to teach students about Japanese animation theories and practices. It will not only develop their students’ skills in anime, manga, and character design but also their “planning and production capabilities that are directly linked to business development.”

The students will get to learn directly from animators, directors, and manga artists among many others. Sachiko Kamimura, the animator behind City Hunter, will serve as the Dean of the Faculty of Anime / Manga.

Image by Wikimedia Commons

“We aim to be a next-generation production human resource who can contribute to the further development of Japan’s proud content culture,” the university explained on its website.

Applications will be accepted starting December 1, 2020, and the first entrance exam will be held on December 19, 2020.

Manga are comics or graphic novels that originated from Japan while anime is hand-drawn and computer animation.