“I can make a man stay”: Rabiya Mateo reveals 6-year relationship with first BF

  • Rabiya Mateo said she is in a 6-year relationship with her boyfriend from college
  • They made a promise not to break up even after winning the Miss Universe Philippines crown
  • The beauty queen said her boyfriend is very supportive and understanding of her responsibilities and duties as a titleholder

Newly crowned Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo admitted she is in a 6-year relationship with her first boyfriend.

Image by Rabiyanatics via Instagram

Rabiya got candid in an interview with Dyan Castillejo and opened up about her love life. She proudly said she is in a relationship for six years already and she promised not to leave him, even if she wins the crown.

“We’ve been dating for six years. He’s my first boyfriend… We’ve been together since college,” Rabiya said.

“I can make a man stay!” she quipped.

Rabiya went on to share that her boyfriend is supportive of her dreams, especially when she won the coveted Miss Universe Philippines crown. She also revealed that they had a pact not to break up even if she wins.

Rabiya said her boyfriend asked her to make a video of her promising him not to break up despite the responsibilities and new opportunities that come with the MUP crown.

She said while laughing, “He made me promise not to leave him even if I win the Miss Universe Philippines crown. I have a video stating that! He made me do that.”

Image by Miss Universe Philippines via Facebook

In another interview with Iloilo City’s Bombo Radyo, Rabiya also made the same revelation and said she intends to stay committed to her partner despite the fame.

Rabiya said that he is very proud of her and understands her busy and hectic schedule. She said she keeps on reminding him that even before the fame, she already had him.

“We will make sure to work things out. If it’s true love, it will never end,” she said.