“Good doggo!” Mall in Taguig adopts 10 stray dogs to be part of its security team

  • Vista Mall Taguig has expanded its doggo family by adopting 10 stray dogs as part of their security team
  • Earlier, a security guard was seen gently escorting out a stray dog that sneaked inside Vista Mall until they eventually adopted the dog
  • According to the mall authorities, strays are often constant visitors of the mall since they are near a community

A mall in Taguig has adopted 10 stray dogs and included them in their security team.

Image by ABS-CBN via Twitter

Vista Mall Taguig has proved that even doggos have a place in their premises as they adopted not only one but 10 stray dogs. It can be recalled that the Vista Mall has also gained attention after it adopted a stray dog was found loitering inside their mall. Instead of being dragged outside, the mall security petted and gently escorted the dog outside.

A netizen named Jan Mart Calimpong shared the video on Facebook. He said the dog couldn’t take the heat outside and decided to sneak in the mall.

“Ang cute lang kasi parang nainitan na talaga si doggy sa labas,” Calimpong said in his post.

He also praised how the mall security guard handled the stray dog well. “Though this dog entered the mall premises unnoticed, I was glad he was not treated harshly when sent back outside, instead the guard escorted him like he was their pet,” Calimpong added.

“Sana tratuhin natin nang maayos ang mga stray dog, hindi itaboy o saktan kasi pangit po ‘yun kasi may isip din ‘yung aso eh,” security guard Rico Suco shared with ABS-CBN.

Image by ABS-CBN via Twitter

After that, Vista Mall has extended their doggo family with 10 more dogs. Vista Mall Taguig building administrator John Rowin Luna, shared that the viral dog they named Dogdog is no stranger to the mall. It has been roaming the mall for almost 5 years now.

Strays have been constant visitors there since it is near a community. But instead of driving these animals away, the mall management has adopted and welcomed them as part of the security group, Luna shared.

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ABS- CBN, Twitter