DJ Chacha warns against ‘budol’ after scammer receives P7k in fake fundraiser

  • DJ Chacha aired her frustration over a scammer who exploited a donation drive for his own benefit
  • She shared a conversation where a netizen raised over P7,000 in a fake donation drive and he simply used the money to buy gaming gadgets and accessories
  • The radio host reminded the public to be careful with whom they sent their help to and make sure it’s a legitimate fundraiser

DJ Chacha reminded the public to be wary against fake fundraiser for the benefit of typhoon victims.

Image by DJ Chacha via Twitter

As relief efforts continue for those who were affected by Typhoon Ulysses, social media is also filled with many donation drives and fundraisers for those in need. While it is true that many are in dire need, it is also important to be careful with whom we donate our hard earned money.

The radio host shared a screenshot of a chat message of how one netizen was able to raise over P7,000 in a fake fundraiser. According to the chat, the netizen couldn’t believe how easy it was to ask for money from those who are trying to send help. He went on to say that it was just “trip trip lang.”

Pekeng donation drives naglipana matapos ang bagyong Ulysses: Alamin paano makaiwas sa scam

The statement of the netizen goes, “Naka 7k ako kagabi. HAHAHA via Gcash sila nag-donate. [email protected]ó gulat nga e trip trip lng naman.”

Another netizen chided on the chat, “HAHAHA” sabay bili agad ng steelseries si [email protected]ó e HAHAHAH”

Steelseries is a brand of gaming peripherals and accessories, including headsets, keyboards, mice, and mousepads.

Image by DJ Chacha via Twitter

DJ Chacha lamented the lack of conscience that these scammers have. She continued to urge the public to be careful when giving their donations and make sure it’s a legitimate fundraiser.

She said, “Ganito karami budol sa Pilipinas. Again, icheck ng maigi yung mga nanghihingi ng tulong at donation drives. Paano ninyo nagagawang manloko sa dami ng totoong nahihirapan ngayon?”

Sadly, ang kawalan ng malasakit at kunsensya na yata ang umiiral sa mga nanlolokong yan.