DICT seeks P2M per day fine for telcos that fail to deliver advertised Internet speed

  • The DICT is proposing to raise the fine for telecommunication companies that fail to deliver the internet speed they promised to consumers
  • Currently, P200 per day is the fine for telcos but they are suggesting to raise it to P2 million per day
  • Sen. Panfilo Lacson said the proposal was made to urge telcos to provide better services

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) seeks to impose higher fines for telecommunications companies and service providers that will fail to deliver their advertised Internet speeds.

Image by Pixabay

During the Senate’s plenary debates on the proposed 2021 budget of the DICT, Sen. Grace Poe raised the concern that many telcos do not deliver the internet speed they promised to their consumers. She went on to inquire the penalties and fines that telcos have to face for their failed promises.

“Marami kasi sa kanilang mga telco, nag-a-advertise na ganito kabilis ‘yong Internet speed pero hindi naman because it actually fluctuates a lot,” Poe said.

“So kung hindi nila magawa ito, how much penalty does the DICT deem just to impose on these telco companies?” she continued.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson, sponsor of the DICT budget, responded that a proposal has been made to increase the fine of up to P2 million per day. “They are recommending na increase ito sa P2 million per day para talagang mag-deliver,” Lacson said.

Image by Sen. Ping Lacson

Lacson noted that under the Section 21 of the Public Services Act which was signed in 1936, the government only imposes a fine of P200 per day for any violations of the terms and conditions of public service. He said there is an urgent need to amend it to urge telcos to deliver better services.

“So kailangan po natin i-amend ‘yung Public Service Act to increase the penalty to be incurred by those telco that fail to deliver the allowable Internet speed,” he said.