De Lima writes to Biden: “Your presidency will inspire us on how to reclaim our own democracy”

  • Senator Leila de Lima wrote a personal letter to US President-elect Joe Biden
  • She extended her congratulations and wished the new leader well
  • The senator said Biden’s win will help guide and inspire the Filipinos’ search for democracy

Senator Leila de Lima wrote a letter addressed to US President-elect Joe Biden.

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The detained senator described Biden’s win as a “beacon” for Philippine democracy and extended her respect and admiration for the new leader. De Lima suggested that Biden’s victory will serve as an inspiration and guide to the Philippines’ search for democracy.

“We are jubilant in your remarkable triumph in this election to save America’s democracy, as it is also a beacon for our own democracy here in the Philippines. At last, a Democrat gentleman, a capable leader, and a man of faith will again be leading the free world from the White House,” she wrote.

“Your victory has already restored the faith and confidence of the American people and the community of nations in democracy, and we believe that your presidency will guide and inspire us on how to reclaim our own democracy from hereon to 2022, when we also elect a new leader for our nation,” she added.

De Lima also likened former US President Donald Trump to President Rodrigo Duterte, whose leadership she said has been full of lies and hate.

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The senator said, “We closely follow your words and speeches and find them speaking to us also. As you know, President Duterte is cut out from the same cloth as President Trump in their politics of lies, hate and demonization, as well as in their cornucopia of insanities in between.”

In the end, De Lima sent Biden her regards and congratulations.