Sorsogon bet withdraws from Miss Universe Philippines after recovering from COVID-19

  • Maria Isabela Galeria, the representative of Sorsogon for Miss Universe Philippines 2020 backed out from the pageant
  • This came after she became a COVID-19 survivor
  • She said that while she is still determined to compete, her body is tired and needed to take a rest

The representative of Sorsogon for the upcoming Miss Universe Philippines 2020 withdrew from the competition after she recovered from COVID-19.

Image by Maria Isabela Galeria via Instagram

Beauty queen Maria Isabela Galeria has backed out of the pageant and announced her decision on Instagram. She also recalled the experiences she had when she tested positive for COVID-19.

She began developing symptoms of COVID-19 on Sept. 27, starting with nasal congestion and the loss of her senses of taste and smell. She then took a “handful of medications” for more than two weeks to manage the disease’s symptoms. Unfortunately, even after observing a 14-day quarantine, she was still manifesting symptoms.

Maria Isabela was finally announced by the Department of Health as a COVID-19 survivor last October 11.

Despite being COVID-19-free, Maria Isabela admitted she is still recovering from the disease. She said her body is still trying to cope up and she needs to rest further.

“I’m forever grateful to each of you who invested so much time and effort in helping me through this journey; however, even with a strong will to fight, my body is not well conditioned yet,” she said.

“With a heavy heart, I believe now is not the right time to join the pageant. I still feel tired, and I don’t think my body will allow me to participate in the activities of Miss Universe Philippines,” she added.

Maria Isabela said it was not an easy decision because she still wanted to compete but her body wanted to take a break.

Image by Maria Isabela Galeria via Instagram

“I’ve thought hard and cried for so many nights about this. I have the willpower, but my body is not cooperating,” she stated.

In the end, she thanked all her supporters and all those who believed in her.

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