Scarlet Snow Belo pens touching message for longtime yaya as she leaves for the province

  • Scarlet Snow Belo wrote a sweet message to her longtime yaya
  • Yaya Anita is set to leave for her hometown in Bais, Negros Occidental
  • The celebrity kid said she will miss her terribly and thanked her for all the years of service

Scarlet Snow Belo made a bittersweet message for her nanny, Yaya Anita who is returning to her hometown in Bais, Negros Occidental.

Image by Scarlet Snow Belo via Instagram

On Instagram, Scarlet Snow had to say goodbye to her longtime nanny, Anita Almedilla. Posting photos of her with her Yaya Anita, she said she felt both happy and sad.

“Today is a sad and happy day. It’s sad because my Yaya @athena1974 is going home na to her province. But I’m happy for her because she will see her daughter again after being away for so long,” she wrote.

After being emotional with the parting, Scarlet Snow said she plans to keep in touch with Yaya Anita via the internet. Distance won’t keep them apart.

“I cried and cried this morning when she was leaving. I hope their internet in their province would be fast so we can keep in touch,” she says.

In the end, Scarlet Snow had nothing but kind words for the yaya who took care of her through all the years. She even made Yaya Anita promise not to be a yaya to other kids while they are away. Despite the distance, Scarlet Snow said she will pray for her Yaya Anita.

Image by Scarlet Snow Belo via Instagram

“I will miss you so much, Yaya. Thank you for loving me and taking care of me and teaching me good values. I will never look for another Yaya. Please also keep your promise that you won’t be a Yaya to someone else, ok! We will be praying for you all the time,” she said.

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