Sarah Wurtzbach’s BF breaks silence over Wurtzbach sisters’ controversy

  • Sarah Wurtzbach’s boyfriend Charlie Manze aired his frustration over the sisters’ feud
  • Earlier, Sarah lambasted her sister Pia and their mother Cheryl on social media
  • Sarah said she has been supportive of Pia’s relationship with Jeremy Jauncey and hopes her sister would do the same for her

The boyfriend of Sarah Wurtzbach broke his silence on the controversy involving his partner Sarah and her sister Pia Wurtzbach.

Image by Sarah Wurtzbach via Instagram

Charlie Manze, the man who was mentioned in the sibling feud expressed his frustration over the controversy. He lamented how people were so invested in gossip that social media becomes toxic. Instead of trying to help someone with mental health issues, everyone is just promoting hate.

He wrote on Instagram story, “Not even an hour and nearly 1k views. Just shows how toxic social media can be. Everyone ‘needs’ to know.. Barely anyone wants to help someone with mental health issue… “I’m venting the fact that people are only breeding toxicity and perpetrating hate.”

Charlie has since changed his Instagram into private setting.

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Prior to this, Sarah had made strong statements against her sister Pia and their mother Cheryl Alonzo Tyndall. She called out Pia for having a bad attitude and their mom for being a narcissist and for treating her poorly.

Sarah admitted she is having financial problems and asked Pia for help but, allegedly, she received insensitive comments from the latter.

“Ang lagi kong hinihingi sa tao ay TIME AND COMPANY. BONDING. KUNG MUKHANG PERA AKO EDI SANA NON PA ANG YAMAN KO NA. @piawurtzbach.”

“I’m broke kasi I have a normal job. With 2 kids. Tapos kapag bibigyan mo ako ng pera hihirit ka ng, ‘Grabe noon sweldo ko ng isang buwan ‘to noh. Tapos ngayon barya na lang’ “Bit** andun pa rin ako. Nasa isang buwang sweldo pa rin ako kaya ako humingi ng tulong. Ang insensitive mo sa ganyan kasi “you made it” na @piawurtzbach,” she said.

The angry sister said it irked her that Pia and her mother wants her to leave her husband Charlie for having no money.

Meanwhile, their followers are in shock because the two ladies were so close. What went wrong? October started with this sweet and funny togetherness when Pia celebrated her birthday. Hope things get better between you soon!


On her Instagram Story this Monday,, October 12, she must have mellowed down and expressed,  “Stop hating on Pia. Yes I am angry and I still am, but your negative words will not fix anything. If anything, you’re condoning negativity and that’s what’s wrong with the world.”