Remulla denies hiring Macoy Dubs as his ghostwriter on Facebook

  • Governor Jonvic Remulla said he didn’t hiring anyone as a ghostwriter
  • He also denied hiring Macoy Dubs and said they haven’t even met
  • This came after Macoy Dubs accidentally appeared on Remulla’s Facebook live stream

Governor Jonvic Remulla clarified the rumors that he has a ghostwriter for his social media account.

Image by Jonvic Remulla via Facebook

On Facebook, Remulla set the record straight that he manages his own Facebook account that he doesn’t hire anyone to write for him. He also denied that Macoy Dubs, a popular social media content creator, is his ghostwriter.

The statement came after Macoy Dubs accidentally appeared on the Facebook live stream of Remulla on October 15. Since then, Macoy has been accused of being “bayaran” and hired as a ghostwriter of a politician.

Remulla wrote, “Ako at AKO lamang ang nagsusulat ng aking mga post at mga sagot dito. Actually, ito ay kayang patunayan ng mga taong matagal nang sumusubaybay sa akin since my page started from zero.”

Image by Jonvic Remulla via Facebook

He also cleared Macoy Dubs and said they haven’t even met. “That said, it is my sincere hope that people would stop bashing him. Each and every one of us have our own trials and tribulations to take care of,” Remulla added.

Macoy Dubs had also denied the accusations and said it was a mere glitch.

He wrote on Twitter, “Mga bessy, if nakita niyo po ako sa FB live ni Jonvic Remulla, please, please understand na nagkaroon lang ng error. It was supposed to be a run-through for a content creators event this Sunday. We’re fixing and figuring out papaano nangyari yun. ZOOM must be really secured.”

The PR and music marketing company of “Gabi Na Naman” Production also apologized for the technical glitch.

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