“Oplan Ben&Ben on my wedding day”: Guy who doesn’t have a girlfriend yet saves for dream wedding

  • A guy who has no girlfriend yet started saving for his dream wedding
  • He is eyeing to have Ben&Ben as their wedding singer
  • Feeling determined, he said, “kailangan na mag ipon, kahit magkano pa yan”

“Oplan Ben&Ben on my wedding day,” Lloyd Magsalin Sevilla wote on Facebook; even if he admits he has no partner yet. Well, he did the preparations in advance. Good thinking, Lloyd.

Wala pa man akong partner, kailangan na mag ipon. kahit magkano pa yan!! to my future “mahiwaga”. get ready! mamahalin and pipiliin kita sa araw araw…” Lloyd added with positive thoughts that he will soon find his perfect match.

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Lloyd Magsalin Sevilla

Showing the photo of the bamboo coin bank with sticky note saying, “Ben&Ben on my wedding day” he said he wanted to share his composition with the said band. This may be the composition he planned to dedicate to his future wife as she walks down the aisle.

Meanwhile, knowing that putting the savings inside the bamboo piggy bank is risky due to the termites that could potentially ruin the banknote, he shared how he secured his money inside the bamboo, “share ko lang din pala. nilalagay ko po sa plastic na maliliit yung paper bills ko para di amagin or sa straw naka roll tas naka close. 😀 safe naman po. 3rd time ko na mag ipon sa bamboo alkansya since dati pa.”

When Lloyd posted his “Oplan Ben&Ben on my wedding day,” it caught the attention of the social media users. A girl even commented saying, “ako na lang po, bata pa ako. Tutulong naman ako sa pag-iipon hahaha.” Instant proposal.

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Someone who may be on a low budget and maybe thinking practically commented, “To my future mahiwaga” don’t worry walang bayad ang kanilang playlist sa spotify.

Good luck on your “Oplan Ben&Ben” for your wedding day. And congratulations to your future “mahiwaga.”