Lapid files bill seeking no expiration date for unused internet data

  • Senator Lito Lapid is seeking to make internet data non-expiry until every year which will benefit many poor subscribers to make the most out of their money
  • Under the bill, unused data can be accumulated and can still be consumed for a year
  • Those who will have unused data at the end of the year will be eligible for rebates or discounts

Senator Manuel “Lito” Lapid is pushing for a bill that will make our unused internet data non-expiring.

Image by Lito Lapid via Facebook

Under Lapid’s Senate Bill No. 1880, subscribers will get to enjoy full value of the money they spend for their internet data. If passed into approval, it will give our unused internet data an expiration date until the end of every year. All internet service providers will be providing a “roll-over data scheme,” meaning unused can be saved and accumulated.

“Through this scheme, unused data allocation from internet data packages or promos will not expire but will instead carry over to succeeding months until the end of the year,” Lapid said in the explanatory note of the proposed law.

The bill also pushes for a “rebate scheme” where subscribers will be eligible for certain promos if they still have unused data at the end of the year.

“If at the end of the year, there are still remaining unused data allocations, the same will be converted into rebates, which in turn, may be used for future subscriptions. Subscribers will definitely get the full value of the money they have spent in paying for these packages and promo,” the bill stated.

Image by Lito Lapid via Facebook

Lapid said such initiatives will help the poor make the most of their internet data resources. “This situation is quite unfortunate in light of our current data-hungry, internet-based world, especially for the poor who are forced to allocate their meager financial resources for internet subscriptions,” he said.

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GMA, Inquirer