“I’ve waited for almost 20 years!” Assunta de Rossi excited for ‘miracle baby’ on her final month

  • Assunta de Rossi excitedly shared a sonogram of her baby
  • She is now on her 9th month of pregnancy
  • The 37-year-old mom-to-be said she waited for almost 20 years for her “miracle baby”

Assunta de Rossi could not help but share her excitement with her fans as she enters the final month of her last trimester.

Image by Assunta de Rossi via Instagram

On Instagram, Assunta shared a sonogram of her “miracle baby” named Fiore. “Another check-up today. Si Fiore as usual, nagtatago na naman. Naku, maldita!” she wrote in the caption.

The 37-year-old first-time mom said she couldn’t wait to meet her baby. It was last May when Assunta announced that she is expecting her first child with Jules Ledesma, after almost 18 years of marriage.

“It’s OK. Pretty soon, I’ll see her face-to-face. I’ve waited for her almost 20 years, ano ba naman yung ilang araw pa? I love you, my tiny bloom!” she added.

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During the first announcement of her pregnany, Assunta shared how shocked she was with the news. “An ultrasound scan and blood test confirmed later that day that I was about 5 weeks pregnant. I know, shocking!” she wrote.

Image by Assunta de Rossi via Instagram

She called it a “miracle” because she knew getting pregnant for her was challenging due to several health issues.

This was a miracle’: Assunta De Rossi announces she’s expecting a baby

“Getting pregnant the natural way with myoma and endometriosis (which I both have) is extremely difficult. Only medical intervention or a miracle can make it happen. This was a miracle!” she added.

Now, in her final month, Assunta is thrilled to finally hold her bundle of joy in her arms.