Gretchen Ho says growing up as an only girl among siblings made her “tougher”

  • Gretchen Ho recalled how it was growing up as the only girl among four siblings
  • She said she learned to play it rough and it helped her become a “little tougher” as a woman
  • The sports host is encouraging young girls to be brave and dauntless

Gretchen Ho shared how growing up as an only girl among four siblings taught her to be a “little tougher.”

Image by Gretchen Ho via Instagram

On Instagram, Gretchen went down memory lane to share photos of her and her brothers during their childhood days.

“As the only daughter amongst three boys, I grew up a little tougher than most. I didn’t want to be left out of the games just because I was a girl,” she said.

She went on to share that she grew up playing the games of her brothers. Instead of playing dolls, she played basketball.

“So I roughed it out with my brothers & cousin on 2on2 basketball, played with small army bases instead of polly pockets, and went for that afternoon pellet session and habul-habulan,” she said.

Like any young girl, she would get emotional whenever she got hurt but she has learned to make use of her “femininity” to win games.

Looking back on her experience, Gretchen reminded girls to embrace their strengths.

“It was quite a boisterous childhood, but one that shaped who I am today. To all the girls out there — embrace your strength and femininity, but never let your gender set limits upon you,” she stated.

Image by Gretchen Ho via Instagram

Gretchen encouraged young girls to be brave and not be scared to speak their opinion. “Be brave & dauntless. Don’t be afraid to speak up and fight back when boundaries are crossed. You can be all that you want to become. You are beautiful with all your quirks, and you are worthy of being loved,” she stated.

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