Ellen Adarna’s statement about cheating goes viral on Twitter

  • Ellen Adarna became viral for her remark on cheating in relationships
  • She said that while she pities the girl cheated on, we deserve what we tolerate
  • The former actress also earlier revealed that she also got cheated on but clarified it was not John Lloyd Cruz

Ellen Adarna’s recent remark about cheating has gone viral on Twitter.

Image by Ellen Adarna via Instagram

The actress who has shied away from the limelight for a more private life impressed many netizens about her statement about cheating while in a relationship. Ellen had a short Q& A on her Instagram Story and answered a few queries from her fans.

Among the questions raised was from a fan who felt desperate and hopeless because she caught her partner cheating again. Asking in Cebuano, the question goes, “Nasakpan na sad nako akong uyab naay lain. Unsaon nako ni mamsh?” [I caught my boyfriend cheating again. What should I do?]

Ellen also replied in Cebuano and expressed her pity toward the netizen. However, she later on dropped the quote that impressed many netizens. She said, “Na sad? Oh my God, dai.. Kaluoy nimo but you deserve what you tolerate. [Again? I pity you, girl but you deserve what you tolerate.]

Ellen’s reaction even became a top trending topic on Twitter as many netizens could relate. Many commented how partners shouldn’t cry over cheating when they just allow it to happen over and over again.

A netizen commented, “You deserve what you tolerate. Ellen Adarna telling us to be MORE careful in giving second chances. don’t allow the same person to hurt you again. know your worth because u are more than that.”

Image by Ellen Adarna via Instagram

Another said, “You deserve what you tolerate. I felt that dai Ellen Adarna. This is so true. Love yourself. Don’t let anyone make you feel unloved and insecure.”

Ellen Adarna admits to being cheated by ex-BF: Clarifies later it wasn’t JLC

Ellen had also earlier gone viral when she shared her experiences on cheating and ghosting. She later on clarified that it was not John Lloyd Cruz and it was a different ex-boyfriend.