Driver uses recycled juice wrappers as dividers inside jeepney

  • A driver from Baguio City was lauded online when photos of his jeepney went viral
  • Inside his jeep, the driver used juice wrappers as dividers
  • Netizens said it was a good way to protect the passengers and still help in reducing plastic pollution

A driver was lauded online when photos of his creative dividers inside his jeepney impressed many netizens.

Image by K Caniezo Hongitan Via Facebook

On Facebook, netizen K Caniezo Hongitan shared photos of a “one of a kind” jeepney she found around Baguio City. She said she was impressed by how creative and resourceful the driver is when he recycled juice wrappers as dividers to enforce social distancing inside his jeepney.

Hongitan named the driver — Mr. Resty Camolo Mabansag — and added that the creative dividers were actually the idea of the driver’s wife.

Hongitan wrote, “One of a kind. I am loving the creative solution of this Baguio- Mangga/Tuding/ Itogon jeepney driver. He made use of recycled juice wrappers as dividers to keep a safe distance between passengers. This is in adherence to the government’s directive on social distancing inside public vehicles. Ang galing lang, naappreciate ko. #ecofriendly #AntiCovidSafety”

These juice wrappers were mostly made of plastic or cellophane and would take years to decompose. This ingenious idea impressed many netizens who suggested that more drivers should follow suit. Many netizens also said that as we protect ourselves against the spread of COVID-19, we should still not forget to take care of our environment.

A netizen wrote, “This is so cool! Protecting his passengers and saves environment from plastic pollution. Well done!!”

Image by K Caniezo Hongitan Via Facebook

Another said, “Napaka-creative talaga ng Pinoy. Malikhain at tipid pa. Good job manong driver! keep safe God bless you!

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development has noted the surge in plastic pollution since the pandemic began.

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