106-yr-old man from Baguio could be oldest COVID-19 survivor in PH

  • A centenarian survived COVID-19 in Baguio City
  • Baguio City has noted an increase of COVID-19 cases among senior citizens
  • According to doctors, the possible reason could be the lesser restrictions where senior citizens roam around

A 106-year-old man from Baguio City who had recovered from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), could most likely be the oldest survivor of the disease in the country, as per Baguio City’s Health Service Office (CHSO).

Image by Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center via Facebook

City Health Officer Dr. Rowena Galpo confirmed that the patient from Barangay Irisan was discharged last October 20, after 11 days of confinement at the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC). She added that the centenarian was discharged following their clinical evaluation and risk assessment conducted by his attending physician at the BGHMC.

As per the evaluation, the patient was already declared COVID-19-free after the patient no longer showed any sign or symptoms. A risk assessment was also done to prove that the patient’s home and environment will be favorable for him upon release.

The patient underwent a swab test after experiencing mild symptoms. He tested  positive on October 9.

Irisan, the barangay from where the centenarian came from, is one of the villages that remain on selective lockdown because of a cluster of cases in the area.

According to Baguio City’s Public Information Office, the BGHMC and the Medical Center Infectious Disease Specialist have reported an increase of COVID-19 cases among senior citizens. From October 1 to 21, the BGHMC records 59 cases of senior citizens.

Image by Baguio PIA via Facebook

Doctors said that the possible cause of infection is due to lesser restrictions where senior citizens can move around thereby exposing them to the virus or exposed family members bringing the virus to their homes.

Earlier, another 106-year-old male from Cagayan de Oro also survived COVID-19. Unfortunately, he later on passed away due to “natural causes.”

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