“Yakult everyday, everyday okay” cheesecake version

  • Yakult has been part of many generations
  • Because people really love this probiotic drink, some reinvented it by adding it to beverages
  • Now, Yakult can be enjoyed as cheesecake, the newest craving in town

“Okay ka ba t’yan?” It’s been a long time since this tag line was aired on television, but without a doubt everybody still remembers it.

It is the famous probiotic drink’s tag line. Added to this is, “Yakult everyday, everyday okay.”

For a long time it was enjoyed by many; not just because of the health benefits it can give but also because it is undeniably delicious. It is a combination of sweet and sour taste that tickles the taste buds.

Image via Facebook| CYN Finely Baked Treats

Yakult has been part of many generations, and people really love this probiotic drink, so some reinvented it by adding it to beverages like milk tea and lemon drinks. And now, Yakult is on to the next level as you don’t just drink it. This time you can eat it!

Yes! You got it right because you can now indulge yourself with the sweet and sour taste of Yakult by biting the deliciously made Yakult cheesecake. What a perfect combination!

Tingnan: Yakult-infused cake mabiili sa isang local bakeshop sa Parañaque 

And because online shops are in demand these days, these Yakult cheesecakes are being offered online. Two of the famous bakeshops that offers this treat that will satisfy your Yakult and cheesecake cravings are CYN Finely Baked Treats which has been featured on different magazines, and Mélange which has been featured also in other countries.

As per studies conducted in 2006, drinking a bottle of Yakult a day can help improve bowel movements particularly of people experiencing constipation.

Image via Facebook| Yakult Philippines

According to Wikipedia, “Yakult (Yakuruto) is a Japanese sweetened probiotic milk beverage sold by Yakult Honsha in Tokyo. It was invented in the 1930s in Japan by Minoru Shirota and he helped to found Yakult Honsha in order to commercialize it. Yakult is sold door-to-door by a woman called Yakult lady in some countries in Asia including Japan and India, as well as in Latin America.”