“She really is a thriving national treasure”: Oldest living Filipina celebrates 123rd birthday

  • Amid the pandemic, the oldest person living in the country marked her 123rd birthday
  • To pay respect, personnels of Kabankalan City Police Station surprised her with a cake
  • As written by PCR Kabankalan, “she really is a thriving national treasure”

While in the middle of the pandemic Nanay Francisca Montes- Susano  of Brgy. Oringao, Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental celebrated her more than twelve decades of life. She is considered as the oldest living Filipina in the Philippines who witnessed a lot of ups and downs that marked the history of the country.

Through the efforts of the Kabankalan City Police Station, some personnels led by Lt. Col. Mary Rose Pico went to the house of Nanay Francisca to salute “her character of old age by surprising her with cakes.”

Image via Facebook| PCR Kabankalan

On the Facebook post, PCR Kabankalan wrote,

Kabankalan City Police Station personnel goes to Nanay Susano as she celebrates her 123rd Birthday. The Police salutes her character of old age by surprising her with cakes. She is the oldest living Filipino, born before the Philippine Independence Day and was able to witness two world wars. She survived the Martial Law, the People’s Power, the Isis attack, many typhoons and calamities even the novel coronavirus pandemic that had passed the nation. Truly she really is a thriving national treasure. We are hoping for your good health, happiness and best of luck. May you continue to inspire us and give us hope that the human spirit will continue to strive and endure anything that comes no matter what the odds are. Happy Birthday!!!”

Image via Facebook| PCR Kabankalan

According to the Pinoy History Facebook page, once the Gerontology Research Group or Guinness World Records have finished verifying Nanay Francisca’s birth records, she can finally be declared as the oldest living person in the world.