Robi Domingo set to launch his own line of face masks to help seamstresses in need

  • Robi Domingo plans to launch his own face masks with the help of seamstresses who were affected with the COVID-19 pandemic
  • He shared how these seamstresses who used to sew suits and gowns for events have lost their livelihood due to restrictions
  • Aside from owning an events company, Robi also has a milk tea shop, property leasing company and he recently opened a restaurant

Robi Domingo announced that he is set to launch his own line of facemasks.

Image by Robi Domingo via Instagram

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep across the nation, Robi found himself trying to help those in the events industry. He said as the lockdown and quarantine restrictions continue, the events industry has been heavily affected.

Among those who were affected were seamstresses who used to sew gowns and suits for events. Robi said he is using his platform and voice to try and reach out to those seamstresses who have lost their livelihood as events slowed down in the country. He explained that he decided to collaborate with them to make reusable facemasks.

On Instagram, Robi wrote, “The events industry was heavily affected by the pandemic. Part of this industry are the people who make the gowns and suits for weddings, debuts, and formal events. We got to collaborate with a group of sastre as they make these quality reusable face masks.”

Robi assured that the proceeds will go to the seamstresses and that more details will be revealed soon.

Image by Robi Domingo via Instagram

This cause is quite close to the host’s heart since Robi earlier revealed that he owns an events company. He also has a milk tea shop which he partly owns with his brother and a property leasing company. And even though the economy is down, Robi recently opened a new restaurant in Mandaluyong City.

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