“My angel above is smiling”: Three years after losing Hashtag Franco, Janica Nam finds new love

  • Franco Hernandez’s girlfriend has found a new love three years after his demise
  • Janica Nam Floresca shared the latest news to her followers
  • She said she knows Franco is happy to see her find love again

Almost three years after her  late boyfriend Hashtag member Franco Hernandez’s demise, Janica Nam Floresca shared she has found new love.

Image by Janica Nam via Instagram

The model shared on Twitter that she has a new boyfriend. Posting a polaroid photo of her and the new man in her life, Janica also shared how happy she is that she found love again.

She wrote, “Love just comes naturally and it will find its way into our lives, just like how God has sent you to me. You are my today and all of my tomorrows.”

In another lengthy post, Janica shared how she learned to fall in love again after Hashtag Franco. She admitted there was a time when she thought she wouldn’t need another man in her life.

“Since the day my Angel had passed away almost 3 yrs ago, I was actually contented of being alone. I even thought of not being with someone else ever, as long as I have my family, friends and God, I knew that I would be okay,” Janica said.

Image by Janica Nam via Instagram

But there came a time when she asked God for a sign if she would fall in love again. She said she put all her faith and trust in God until finally she got what she had been praying for.

“I can’t imagine that I will feel this love again. Regardless of what we’ve been through in our past, we are currently living in our present and what’s to come,” she said.

Janica said she knows Franco is happy to see her become happy again. “I know my angel above is smiling and happy for me. He will always be loved and missed,” she said.

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