Milk tea shop in Iloilo serves their beverages in reusable bamboo cups

  • Milk tea shop based in Iloilo uses bamboo cups in their beverages
  • Darling’s Milk tea allows their customers to choose whether to use reusable bamboo cups instead of plastic cups
  • Aside from the unique experience of drinking milk tea in a bamboo, it also helps bamboo farmers with their livelihood

A local milk tea shop in Iloilo serves their cold beverages in bamboo cups.


Image by Darling’s Milk Tea via Facebook

Darlings’ Milk tea has impressed many netizens with their unique way of serving their beverages. While regular milk tea is often served in plastic containers, this unique Darlings’ milk tea is poured in a bamboo cup.

“It’s a new innovation and product of creativity in serving foreign taste using locally-made bamboo cups giving you a pleasure taste and amazing Milktea in a bamboo experience,” the milk tea shop wrote on its Facebook page.

Jade Joquino and Melanie Dilao, the couple who owns the company said they did it not only for the hype but to help bamboo farmers as well. They said they source their bamboo cups from local producers in Maasin, Iloilo to help them promote their livelihood and generate income.

“It aims to promote bamboo products, as what Maasin is known for helping fellow “Maasinanons” to have livelihood and inspire young entrepreneurs to adapt a sustainable and environment-friendly business,” they added.

Image by Darling’s Milk Tea via Facebook

Although customers can still have their drinks in plastic cups, more people are choosing the sustainable option. The bamboo cup option is for free when you dine in at their shop but if you want to take it out, you will be charged an additional P80 for the cup.

To further promote sustainability, the milk tea shop even suggests to turn your bamboo milk tea cups into plant pots.

They wrote, “Attention: PlanTEAta and PlanTEAto. Sustainability doesn’t stop after drinking milk tea in bamboo, turn your bamboo cups into something beautiful… plants pot.”

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