Make it an edible selfie, try selfie cake

  • Selfie craze is undoubtedly part of living these days
  • But it was even brought to a whole new level by making it edible
  • Introducing, the selfie cake, showing all the features in many dimensions

When we talk about selfie, possibly many will agree that even the cellular phones available in the market these days clearly understood this. Having front cameras as one of its many features will definitely say, “go, see yourself.” And many people love this. Why? Because you can capture your own perfect angle. Delete it if it doesn’t satisfy you, or keep your best shot.

That’s how selfie works’ you capture your own angle. You are your own model, and you are also the photographer. Because of this, selfie has become a tool for boosting and promoting businesses these days. There’s even a milk tea business that allows the customer to take a picture of himself or herself, then it will be printed on the milk tea cup’s sealing film. Then, voila no one can claim that cup, unless the person looks exactly just like you.

Image via Youtube| Sideserf Cake Studio

And since the selfie craze is undoubtedly part of living these days, have you heard also of the selfie cake?

Yes, a cake. But it’s not the usual selfie, as it goes up to the next level, it is a selfie you can eat. But wait, it’s not just a photo printed on top of the cake. It shows features of the model in many dimensions.

Image via Youtube| Sideserf Cake Studio

In a Youtube video of Sideserf Cake Studio by Natalie Sideserf, she just created her own replica using a cake.

She called it a “selfie cake” and the result of her work is amazing. She just created a cake version of herself using layers of cake filled with buttercream and covered it with a modeling chocolate. This is definitely a whole new level of selfie.

The selfie cake that she created is also called a bust cake. This kind of cake is sculpted showing realistic version of any part of the human body particularly the head.

Here is the full video of the selfie cake:

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