Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt showcases the “beauty of the Philippines” in this short film

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt released a short film focusing on the beauty of the Philippines
  • The short film was made through the efforts of over 60 Filipino artists and produced by Gordon-Levitt’s media company, “HitRecord”
  • The actor described the film as a “sweet celebration of a beautiful place and culture”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt shared a short film he helped create that showcases the beauty of the Philippines.

Image by Wikimedia Commons

The Hollywood actor shared how pleased he is that they were able to create the short film entitled, “The Beauty of the Philippines.” It is a compiled video and photos around the Philippines sent in by Filipino artists.

He went on to thank the over 60 Filipino artists who contributed in making the short film possible. Gordon-Levitt said, “I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who contributed. Your enthusiasm for this project really moved me. So did your talent and creativity.”

He described the finished piece as a “sweet celebration of a beautiful place and culture.”

The short film shows the many beautiful spots of the Philippines and the charming smiles of the Filipinos. It also featured the 103-year-old Kalinga tattoo artist, Apo Whang-od.

Image Capture of Video by Joseph Gordon-Levitt via Facebook

An excerpt of the video’s narration states, “The most beautiful thing about the Philippines is its people. They find beauty in all things. They will make you feel like you are family, like you are home.”

“Wherever you go, you will be surrounded by scenes of spectacle… But it is the people that you will remember most. You will discover how a simple smile from a stranger can change your day. In their eyes, you’ll find hope and you will be forever changed,” it added.

You can watch the short film via Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Facebook page:

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