“Hanggang sa muling pagkikita”: Korina Sanchez officially bids goodbye to ABS-CBN

  • Korina Sanchez officially bids goodbye to ABS-CBN
  • She reminisced about the many experiences she has had with the network
  • The seasoned broadcaster said thank you would not be enough; instead she wants to say “hanggang sa muling pagkikita”

Korina Sanchez-Roxas wrote a lengthy message as she officially bids goodbye to ABS-CBN.

Image by Korina Sanchez via Instagram

Following the closure of ABS-CBN, Korina is one of the latest Kapamilya personalities who revealed that she is no longer part of the network. On Instagram, the seasoned host reminisced about her long journey as broadcaster and a TV host.

Korina wrote, “Wherever I am now and wherever I’ll be, I am and will always be, hugely, a product of ABSCBN. From 23 years old (practically just graduated from school) to just very recently, I was one of those very first on-air when the dictatorship toppled, democracy was restored and the network reopened in 1987. And till the day it shut down in 2020 I was still frontlining.”

Korina continued that because of ABS-CBN, she was able to travel to many parts of the world and met so many people. She was also filled with so many stories to tell because of the opportunities given to her.

“My experiences, my knowledge, my exposure, my life grew with the network through more than 30 years working with the men and women who are ABSCBN,” she added.

Korina recalled how they all so many stories behind the cameras and experiences that didn’t make it on TV. She said she didn’t expect that everything will be gone in an instant.

“Ito na ang naging buhay ko at ni sa hinagap di ko naisip na biglang mawawala. Sa ngayon,” she said.

Image by Korina Sanchez via Instagram

Korina said thank you would not be enough to show her appreciation. Instead, she would rather say see you again. “Hindi na ako magpapasalamat kasi kulang na kulang ang salitang “salamat” sa pagkakataong ito. Ganito nalang: hanggang sa muling pagkikita,” she said.