Good Samaritan who takes care of homeless elders in need seeks donations

  • Reynald Soriano, a lector-commentator and college instructor, has been taking care of homeless elderly people
  • He started in 2018, when he rented a place for them to stay and bought them food, clothes and other essentials
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Reynald stopped teaching and is now asking for help so he can help raise funds for the needs of the elderlies

A college instructor who took in and cared for homeless elderlies is asking for assistance.

Image by Elaine Espanol via Facebook

The unfortunate reality of growing old alone and homeless is the life of many elderly people. At a time when they are hopeless and no longer have the strength to fend for themselves, these old people are left to survive in the dirty streets. Lucky for some of them, a good samaritan named Reynald Soriano has the heart of gold to take care of them.

Back in 2018, Reynald started taking care of homeless elderlies. He rented a place for them to live in and bought them clothes and essentials. Currently, he is taking care of nine senior citizens who no longer have the capacity to take care of themselves.

He shared with ABS-CBN, “I believe that this is a God-given mission to me kaya ginagawa ok na ang ho ano mang mission na pingkaloob sa akin ng Diyos.”

Reynald is a lector-commentator in a church and a college instructor. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he has also stopped teaching which was his source of funds to care for the elderlies.

“I am doing this kasi gusto king ma-preserve yung dignidad ng isang tao kahit bago man lang sila mamatay o mamaalam sa mundo mabigyan man lang sila ng disenteng tahanan, malinis na tubig, masustansiyang pagkain and hanggang sa mailibing sila, mabigyan sila ng disenteng burol at libing,” he said.

In the end, Reynald is knocking on the goodness of the public to send in donations so he may continue taking care of the homeless elderlies. You may reach out to Reynald through 0999-9767-273.

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