Disappointed! Online shopper orders Calvin Klein, but receives Calvni Kelin

  • Not all online shopping activities would give the same experience
  • Some may have it  good, some may have it real bad
  • As shared by one of the netizens, online shopping did not turn out as he expected

Shopping right at your fingertips became the most convenient way to purchase different products since the pandemic started.

Among the many online shopping sites in the market are Lazada, Shopee, Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay. However, it is not always a good experience for everybody. Some wished they never tried purchasing from the site.

Image via Facebook| Jayrous Villanueva

This is the exact scenario that happened to a customer of an online shopping site, Lazada. Feeling cheated and disappointed, netizen Jayrous Villanueva posted on Facebook,

Dear Lazada, your service sucks! I ordered 2 sets of Calvin Klein underwear but you sent me Calvni Kelin! When I requested for a refund or replacements of my items, you rejected my request and your seller stupidly insisted that the brands are the same! Macbook is not the same as Mcdonalds eventhough both brands are pronounced Mac! Please refresh your memory of RA 7394…at sana ininform nyo ako na nagbago na sila ng spelling!”

Image via Facebook| Jayrous Villanueva

RA 7394  (Consumer Act of the Philippines) is the law anchored on the basic policy of the state to protect the interests of the consumer, promote his general welfare and to establish standards of conduct for business and industry.

He messaged the seller of his purchased product, but he was pissed off with the response he received. The seller said, “they are all the same, but the models are different.”

When the seller stated this, he answered with, “they are not different model, they are different brands! If your post is Calvni Kelin, I won’t buy that in the first place!

Image via Facebook| Jayrous Villanueva

With what Jayrous experienced, he said via comment section, “Ok lang wag i-refund or replace, pero dapat may gawin dyan lazada or else paulit ulit lang yan.”