“Contentment is happiness”: Couple shows off unique, budget friendly wedding “cart”

  • Contentment is happiness”explains the theme of a couple’s wedding set up
  • Instead of luxurious photo shoots, they chose their “balot” business as the theme
  • To add more to it, they chose, not the usual bridal car, but a bridal “cart

Wedding is a big event many people are dreaming of. These days, to cut the hassles in working on the preparations for the grand event, most couples hire wedding planners or event coordinators. Starting from the wedding concept, every detail counts, but the most unique theme is always for the win.

Recently, there was a couple who decided to exchange vows in the middle of the pandemic. The groom, Roque Tan, shared on social media, “Our simple wedding cart.

Image via Facebook| Roque B. Tan

Yes, you read it right, instead of a glamorous wedding car, they showed off their wedding “cart.” Along with this caption, he also posted the pictures they have taken during their very special day showing a happily married couple and a happy family enjoying the moment while riding on the cart.

Roque also added the caption, “Maging kuntento lang sa mga bagay na meron ka, contentment is happiness.”

The cart they used for their special day is the same food cart they are using for selling balot. They simply decorated it with a few bunch of white and purple balloons to add color to their very unique bridal cart.

Image via Facebook| Roque B. Tan

Simple lang pero sapat na, yan ang mahalaga,” he added; showing off their simple yet very meaningful wedding.

The couple, Roque and Sunshine, even chose a do-it-yourself prenup photo shoot with their balot business as the theme.

Image via Facebook| Roque B. Tan

Many people expressed their amazement with the unique concept of their wedding. And they also expressed their “best wishes” for the newly weds.

Truly, it is a work of art, and a real concept on what love and wedding is all about.

Congratulations, newly weds!