Coleen on seeing rashes on her baby’s face” “Got so praning, showed them to our midwife, OB, pedia”

  • First time mom Coleen Garcia- Crawford experienced her first-time mom panic
  • She called the attention of the “midwife, OB and pedia” and they all said it is just normal for newborn babies
  • Though experts said so, she still felt sorry for baby Amari, so she used her milk to treat her baby’s newborn acne

Being a first time mom, all the dilemmas will be present most especially if it is about the baby. If things do not look familiar it might cause panic to those who experienced it for the first time, most particular, the new parents.

This is what happened to first time mom, Coleen Garcia- Crawford. When she saw rashes all over her baby’s face It caused her to panic. She said on her Instagram post when she saw the rashes she panicked, so she called the attention of her midwife, OB and pedia.

Image via Instagram| team Crawford

She was then relieved when they told her that those rashes are just normal for newborn babies, and it will go away on its own.

But even if the experts already told her that those rashes (newborn acne) are just normal, she still felt sorry for the baby.

On her post she said, “also want to share: after a couple of days, he started to get rashes & ofc i got so praning, showed them to our midwife, OB, pedia, & they all said it’s completely normal & that they go away on their own after some time, but i felt sorry 4 him.

She also shared what she did to help the rashes go away. Instead of using commercially produced ointments, she used the mother’s milk. She smeared the milk on baby Amari’s face “then everything disappeared, except for the rashes sa eyes, then i started spreading my milk on his eyes as well.”

Image via Instagram| team Crawford

The mother’s milk seemed to really do wonders as she also posted a photo saying, “& now he so makinisssss.