“Very sad day”: Gretchen Fullido bids goodbye to her radio program

  • Gretchen Fullido announced that their radio show “Chismax” has been one of the programs cancelled by ABS-CBN
  • She looked back at her experience working at ABS-CBN for 16 years and how hard it was to say goodbye
  • The radio host continued that it was a “very sad day” for them and hope that they will get back on their feet soon

Gretchen Fullido couldn’t help but be emotional as she bids goodbye to her radio show.

Image by DZMM Teleradyo via Facebook

Following the closure of ABS-CBN, Gretchen’s radio show “Chismax” is the latest addition to the axed programs and shows of the network. The show airs every Sunday where Gretchen talks about entertainment news along with her co-host Ambet Nabus.

On Instagram, Gretchen said it was a sad day as she says goodbye to their “chismakers” or their loyal listeners.

She wrote, “A very sad day for our company as a lot of colleagues, friends and programs of ABS-CBN, DZMM, RNG, @mor1019forlife and more will be bidding farewell today. Hayyyy. It’s also goodbye for our show Chismax on DZMM teleradyo (every Sunday) with @ambetnabus. I’m super going to miss all our loyal CHISMAKERS!”

Gretchen continued by sharing a photo of the view she sees every time she drives to work. She said she feels nostalgic as she looks back at the 16 years she worked at ABS-CBN.

She said, “Everyday when I drive to work for TV Patrol (took this photo while in the car) I get mixed emotions. I get flashbacks of happy memories, challenging experiences and lahat lahat na over the course of 16 years of me working in the company. This is the first and only company I worked for while still in college in UP Diliman (I was a working student).”

In the end, Gretchen thanked all the supporters of ABS-CBN and hoped that good things will soon come back to all of them.

“Thank you, dearest Kapamilyas. I can’t put into words the pain and sadness that’s going on for all of us in the network… but I am hopeful that better things are ahead for all of us, ” she wrote.

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