Tulfo gives P100,000 to viral nurse who helped a homeless woman deliver her baby

  • Raffy Tulfo rewarded the viral nurse who helped a homeless woman deliver her baby
  • He gave her P100,000 for her heroic act
  • Nurse Mary Lorrainne Pingol said she didn’t expect it and thanked Tulfo for his generosity

Raffy Tulfo decided to reward the nurse who recently became viral after she helped a homeless woman deliver a baby.

Image Capture of Video by Raffy Tulfo in Action via Youtube

The radio show host reached out to nurse Mary Lorrainne Pingol for her kindness towards the homeless woman. Tulfo expressed his appreciation to Pingol and gave her a reward of P100,000.

He told Pingol, “Ikaw po ay isang bayani, Ma’am Lorrainne. You were at the right place at the right time.”

Tulfo commended Pingol’s decision to help the homeless woman despite the risks involved, especially as we are facing the fears of COVID-19. “Kabayanihan po ang tawag doon,” he said.

Pingol admitted he isn’t used to the praises she is receiving over the incident. She said she enjoys her “quiet life” and she feels overwhelmed with the attention she is getting.

“It’s fate”: Nurse who was late for work helps homeless woman in childbirth

The 29-year-old nurse at an HMO company in Makati recalled how she was already an hour late for work when she was called by rescuers to help a homeless woman deliver a baby. Pingol found the homeless woman lying down on cardboard ready to bring out her child to the world.

Image by Bangkal Emergency Rescue and ABS-CBN

Pingol also shared that she is a leukemia survivor. When Tulfo gave her the P100,000 to help with her medications, she said she was surprised.

“Nagulat po ako, sir. Sa totoo lang, wala po akong inaasahan na kahit ano. Noong nangyari po nung Tuesday, naisip ko po na papasok pa rin ako sa trabaho, tuloy lang po ang buhay. ‘Yung P100,000 sobrang sobra po, sir. Maraming salamat,” she said.