“Stop and chat awhile”: Jose Mari Chan changes lyrics of song to fit “new normal”

  • Jose Mari Chan “tweaked” one of his songs to fit the new normal
  • The song “Stop and Talk Awhile” has been changed to “Stop and Chat Awhile”
  • Many Pinoys seem to love it as the video now has over 1.4 million views

Jose Mari Chan has changed the few lines of his song to fit the “new normal.”


Since the “ber” months are just around the corner, it’s not a surprise that we are now seeing more and more of Jose Mari Chan online. Memes and his popular songs are surfacing to the delight of many Pinoys.

As we face the new normal this coming “ber” season, Chan decided to give one of his popular songs a little “update” to fit with the changes in the country. His song “Stop and Talk Awhile” had a little boost to bear words like internet, quarantine, Facetime and others.

Here’s the new lyrics of his song:

“Fancy meeting you in my internet / Couldn’t help but notice your smile / While everybody else around is surfing about / Can we just stop and chat awhile.

I’ve been often told our world’s growing old and that friends are harder to find / Do tell me more about yourself / We could share an hour or two over Facetime

Maybe then we could go surfing to places that we’ve never seen / Get away from these gray, boring and lonesome days of quarantine.

Early yet to say what lies ahead / It’s the first day of the rest of our lives. Can we just stop and chat awhile? Get to know each other. I really love your smile

Love could be waiting at the end of this quarantine. Let’s stop and talk awhile”

Image by ABS-CBN

Looks like the Pinoys love the new version as the video shared by Kyusi via Facebook already has over 1.4 million views.

You can enjoy the song via the Kyusi Facebook page.

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