“Pa-trending!” Pokwang calls out Baninay over late upload vlog on being COVID-19 positive

  • Pokwang called out Baninay Bautista after she revealed she was COVID-19 positive in a vlog
  • According to Pokwang, Baninay already tested negative last August 2
  • The comedienne said Baninay should have been responsible with her vlog’s caption and said she could have said she has already recovered so as not to cause fear and panic

Pokwang couldn’t help but express her disappointment online after former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Baninay Bautista revealed in a vlog that she’s COVID-19 positive.

Image by Pokwang via Instagram

On Twitter, the comedienne said Baninay caused panic to her and her family. Pokwang said Baninay already tested negative since August 2 and her vlog was merely a “late upload.”

Pokwang tweeted, “Hoy, Baninay, huwag mong pagkaperahan ‘yang clickbait mo para lang dumami views mo! Negative ka na ‘di ba last August 2? July 21 ka nagkasakit tapos August 2 ok ka na negative ka na! Aug.16 naglaro ka sa amin nagpanic kami kanina dahil ‘di mo sinabi sa vlog mo na late upload na yan! Pa trending ka!”

Baninay posted her vlog on August 18 with the caption, “I am Positive,” where she admitted she has been infected with COVID-19. Her boyfriend Bont Oropel, who also tested positive, defended her; saying Pokwang is spreading hate online.

Pokwang said Baninay should have been more careful with the caption she chose for her confession.

She said, “Oo, pero sa disclaimer pwede mo ilagay na, ‘I was covid positive! But i’m ok now dapat ganon!'”

Image by Baninay Bautista via Instagram

Baninay haven’t responded to the comedienne’s tweets, but her boyfriend Bont defended her on Twitter while disclosing that his girlfriend was negative with Covid when she joined the game show and that the vlog was to give inspiration.

Pokwang said she was under so much stress just thinking that her 2-year-old daughter and 80-year-old mother could have been exposed. She went on to call out vloggers to be more responsible with their content, especially when it might cause panic and fear.

She said she had every right to be scared. “Mauunawaan n’yo lang ako kapag mga magulang na kayo at may mga anak at pamilya na pinoproteksyunan lalo na sa ilalim ng pandemic na ito. #BeResponsible,” she tweeted.

As of posting, it was retweeted by Pokwang via Peachy Vibal that “@pokwang27 shares that @BaninayBautista already reached out to her and she has accepted Baninay’s apology. Pokwang just wants to remind everyone to be more responsible.” #TV5Mediacon for #BawalNaGameShow #FillInTheBank