Mimiyuuuh collaborates with Sarah Geronimo in a hilarious dance tutorial

  • Mimiyuuuh had Sarah Geronimo as guest in her latest vlog
  • The two had a good time performing Sarah’s popular song ” Sa Iyo”
  • Netizens were amused and entertained that the video earned over 700,000 views in less than one day

Mimiyuuuh collaborates with Sarah Geronimo in a dance tutorial that has had many netizens amused.

Image Capture of Video by Mimiyuuh via Youtube

In the latest vlog of Mimiyuuuh, she surprised her followers when she revealed that the Popstar Royalty is her latest guest.

She earlier teased netizens when she asked them who they think is her next guest. Mimiyuuuh wrote,.”WHO’S THAT POKEMON?!? Xhnz! Abangan niyo po ang collaboration namin ng isa sa mga nainspire ko sa industriya. Sobrang dream come true to for her kasi sabi niya super fan ko raw po siya. HMPFXUE! I’m so happy to be inspiring the young FRESH talents with my CONFIDENCE! XHNZ!”

When she revealed that it was indeed Sarah, many of her followers were clearly happy. Mimiyuuuh shared a short clip on her Instagram, announcing she has released her latest vlog. She wrote, “NEW VLOG PO! MIMIYUUUH AS DANCE INSTRUCTOR NI @justsarahgph !! (DREAM COME TRUE!!!) MY POPSTER HEART IS SO HAPPY!!! Eto na ang FRESHEST VLOG collaboration ko with THE SARAH G!!”

Image by Mimiyuuuh and Sarah Geronimo via Facebook

In the video, Mimiyuuuh becomes Sarah’s dance instructor as the two dance to the singer’s popular song “Sa Iyo.” Mimiyuuuh added her version of “improvements” to the steps and Sarah gamely followed the hilarious instructions.

When their dance tutorial was over, Mimiyuuuh thanked Sarah and admitted she had so much fun with her despite the limited time given to them.

Their video earned over 700,000 views in less than 24 hours. A netizen commented how it was fun watching Mimiyuuuh and Sarah together. She wrote, “Hahaha! The collab we never thought we needed.”

You can watch the vlog via Mimiyuuuh’s YouTube channel:

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