Kris Aquino shares she would legalize divorce if she becomes President for a day

  • Kris Aquino said if she was given a day to become a President, she would ratify divorce in the Philippines
  • She said annulment in the Philippines is expensive and takes too much time
  • However, the TV host clarified she was just sharing her thoughts and has no plans of running in the 2022 presidential elections

Kris Aquino shared what she would do if ever she was given a chance to lead the country for one day.

Imag by Kris Aquino via Instagram

Kris said that if she became a President for a day, she would legalize divorce in the Philippines.

In a video interview with Kris released by her management team Cornerstone Entertainment, the TV host candidly talked about her thoughts on divorce and other social issues.

She explained, “I’m sorry, Catholic Church, please don’t get mad at me. For one day, I want to be President-–on the day na ira-ratify na magkakaroon ng divorce sa Philippines. Para pirmahan.”

Kris continued that annulment, which is allowed in the country, is inconvenient. She added that both parties involved should have fair rights on the issue.

“My reason is simple—because you wouldn’t be annulled in the church. Your church marriage, it’s a different process. But, I believe that going through an annulment is a very difficult process, and it is expensive. I believe that women and men should have equal rights about this,” she said.

Image by Kris Aquino via Facebook page

However, Kris clarified that this is just her personal opinion and she has no plans of running in the upcoming presidential elections.

“Hindi ako tatakbo for anything in 2022! Pero ayoko nang pagdaanan ever again o ng kahit na sino man, ‘yung proseso ng pagpapa-annul. Kasi, puwede naman talaga ang divorce. And separation naman talaga ‘yan, eh, of church and state,” she said.

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