Kindhearted kid saves dog that got stuck in a creek overnight

  • A boy rescued a poor dog that was trapped in the middle of the creek in Caloocan
  • According to uploader Nini Ragos, the poor dog was quivering and looked like it was stuck in the water overnight
  • Finally, the dog was rescued and was returned home to its six newborn pups

A kindhearted kid was praised online after photos of him saving a poor dog from a creek in Amparo Subdivision in Caloocan surfaced.

Image by Nini Ragos via Facebook

According to netizen Nini Ragos, they were on their way to the market when they passed by a quivering dog in the middle of the creek. She said the poor dog looked like it had been stuck in the water overnight and was already feeling really cold that it couldn’t move.

Ragos wrote, “We found this mama dog early this morning in the middle of the creek ginaw na ginaw na, hindi makakilos takot na takot. Mukhang matagal na sa tubig magdamag pa naman ang tikatik na ulan naghanap kami ng puwede tumulong.”

Fortunately, the poor dog was rescued by a kid who was living near the dog’s home. The residents were familiar with the dog and said it is currently alone because its owner left to visit a relative. They said the dog was temporarily left to one of the neighbors to be taken care of.

Ragos said she felt thankful that there was a good kid who cared enough to rescue the dog. The poor dog was even lactating and had six newborn pups at home.

Image by Nini Ragos via Facebook

She said, “Mabuti na lang may lalaki nagmalasakit na iahon si mama dog na may 6 na anak na pina didede. Hindi kami umalis hanggat hindi namin nakikitang ligtas ang aso. Salamat ulit sa iyo kuya.”

Many netizens were touched with the kid’s good deeds and also felt relieved that the dog was saved.

Image by Nini Ragos via Facebook
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