Juday and Ryan’s daughter Yohan wows with Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ song cover

  • Yohan Agoncillo, the eldest daughter of Judy Ann and Ryan impressed netizens with her voice and keyboards skills
  • She performed her rendition of Adele’s popular song, “Someone Like You”
  • Celebrities and netizens couldn’t help but be amazed

The eldest daughter of Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo has impressed netizens with her cover of Adele’s popular song, “Someone Like You.”

Image Capture of video by Ryan Agoncillo via Instagram

Ryan was one proud dad as he shared a video clip of his daughter’s song cover on Instagram. Not only did Yohan have impressive vocals, she also played the keyboard while singing.

Yohan’s flawless rendition of Adele’s song gained praises and recognition from many netizens. First on Yohan’s avid fan is, of course, her mom Juday who proudly commented, “That’s my girl!”

Other Kapuso stars like Drew Arellano, Dingdong Dantes and Lovely Abella also praised Yohan’s talent. Jericho Rosales, Bianca Gonzales, Frankie Pangilinan all said, “Wow!”

Aside from Yohan’s singing prowess, the celebrity parents have also boasted her impressive swimming skills. Juday earlier posted Yohan winning swimming medals at her school and called her “My sirena.”

Juday has always been vocal about Yohan’s adoption story. The actress said she was 26 years old when she prayed constantly to be blessed with a child.

After legally adopting Yohan, Juday made her understand that she will always be part of the family she is building with Ryan Agoncillo.

Juday even emphasized that Yohan’s two younger siblings were named after her: Juan Luis and Juana Luisa.

Image by Judy Ann Santos via Instagram

“All named after you. You came first. So always remember, hindi ka basta salingkit dito. You started this family,” Juday recalled telling Yohan.

Juday admitted that she used to not like the word “adopted” and even told media not to refer to Yohan as her adopted daughter. But she soon realized that there is nothing wrong with being adopted. She said, “Everybody out there who’s adopted should realize that it’s such a beautiful word.”

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