Jose Mari Chan ready to welcome ‘ber’ months: May Christmas bring us healing

  • Jose Mari Chan is ready to usher in the Christmas season
  • He said that may we be reminded to find joy and remember Christ amid the ongoing health crisis
  • Like everyone else, Chan said he is also praying for healing and good health

Jose Mari Chan is now ready to welcome the “ber” months as he celebrates the 30th year of his iconic song, “Christmas in Our Hearts.”

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Amid the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, many Filipinos continue to find joy amid the adversity. Since Filipinos love the Christmas season, it’s no wonder that many anticipate the coming of the “ber” months. And a true “Paskong Pinoy” wouldn’t be complete without Jose Mari Chan.

To usher in the upcoming Christmas season, Chan sent a message of hope to Filipinos who are struggling with the ongoing health crisis. He said that despite the difficulties, many we still look forward to Christmas as an opportunity to share and help others in need.

He said, “It is my hope that Christmas will bring us comfort and healing. For many who have been blessed with sufficiency, God is giving this opportunity to share your blessings and bring joy to our brothers in need and make this Christmas happy and meaningful for all.”

Chan also reminded everyone to find reasons to be thankful for this Christmas and to remember Christ as a reason to be happy.

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“Christmas is a season of joy, a season of gratefulness that God Almighty sent His only Son to grant us eternal life with Him,” he remarked.

Like everyone else, Chan said he is also praying for healing and good health.

“Our people today are suffering and I earnestly pray that they will not lose hope that this virus gets dissipated soon and bring us all back to good health,” he stated.

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