John Regala confronts Chuckie Dreyfus, says he didn’t receive single cent from fundraiser

  • John Regala asked Raffy Tulfo to investigate the donations that was raised for him
  • He said he didn’t receive a single cent from the funds raised by Chuckie Dreyfus, Nadia Montenegro and Aster Amoyo
  • Chuckie defended his group; saying they have a certificate of deposit from the bank showing the transfer of P115,000 which was left from the donations after they paid the bills and medication

John Regala claimed he didn’t receive a single cent from the fundraising launched by Chuckie Dreyfus, Nadia Montenegro and Aster Amoyo.

Image Capture of Video by Raffy Tulfo in Action via Youtube

The veteran actor appealed on Raffy Tulfo’s show to ask the host to conduct a fair investigation on where the donations meant for him went. Regala claimed he asked the party of Dreyfus to show proof of how much donations they received but he didn’t receive any.

Regala said he didn’t receive any of the amount raised from the fundraiser of Dreyfus’ group.

He told Tulfo, “Wala po, Kuya Raffy, maski singko po, wala po. Hindi po ako magsisinungaling sa inyo. Napakasama ko nang tao kung magsisinungaling ako sa inyo.”

When Tulfo asked Regala who he thinks paid for his hospital bills, the actor said the group asked $1000 from his ex-wife aside from the donations they received. He also lamented that the group admitted him in an expensive hospital and paid for six doctors when he believes he only needed one doctor.

Image Capture of Video by Raffy Tulfo in Action via Youtube

Dreyfus defended their group; saying that the amount they raised went to paying Regala’s hospital bills and medication. He also said some donations went directly to Regala’s personal bank account. According to Dreyfus, they raised around P290,000 in donations. He said after paying the bills, there was P115,000 left which they transferred to Regala’s personal bank account. He showed a certificate of bank deposit as proof.

Regala said they received a copy of the bank transfer but they are looking for the list of donors and the amount they donated.

You can watch the video via Raffy Tulfo in Action YouTube channel:

Nadia Montenegro, Chuckie Dreyfus discontinue support for John Regala

In the group’s statement via ABS-CBN’s MJ Felipe, they explained that it was difficult for them to continue because John has been uncooperative.

“Out of love for John Regala and deep concern about his deteriorating health, we have gone out of our way to look after him the past few weeks.” they stated.

“Sadly, no amount of effort on our part can help a very uncooperative and difficult individual. In addition, John’s terrible habit of constant and abusive self-medication is something we cannot condone or tolerate,” they said.

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