John Arcilla shares story on how he turned into a vegan ‘unintentionally’

  • John Arcilla shared how he turned into a vegan
  • He narrated how he grew up surrounded with animals and pets
  • The seasoned actor said he didn’t want to contribute to the extinction of animals

John Arcilla shared the interesting story of how he stopped eating meat and became a vegan.

Image by John Arcilla via Instagram

On Instagram, the seasoned actor shared a lengthy post of what is supposed to be his “pancit story.” John recalled how his mother trained them to learn at least three dishes when they reach 3rd grade.

John’s story turned into his recalling how he became a vegan “unintentionally.” He said that a realization dawned on him while he was eating steak.

He wrote, “One day while I was enjoying my Steak, I got so bothered with the extinction of a lot of animal species and the cruelty these circus animals are suffering from their hosts.”

John continued that he grew up with pet animals and he realized he didn’t want to inflict any pain.

He said, “I love animals. There was never a time that our family did not own cats, a dog or three. My first pet was a hen. My concern with the cruelty and extinction to animals escalated but I can’t do anything about it, I was so helpless and I promised myself that I will give up eating my favorite steak if that can contribute to this cruel fate of the other Earthlings.”

Image by John Arcilla via Instagram

He said it was a decision he made right away and didn’t have any regrets.

“When I said that, it just happened right on that very minute. I did not train myself to be a vegetarian or something. But it just happened right away. I turned into a vegan unintentionally and I loved the result in my health and in my conscience,” John said.

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