Jinkee, Manny Pacquiao’s intense boxing workout impresses netizens

  • Senator Manny Pacquiao showed the boxing routine he usually shares with his wife Jinkee
  • The couple did an intense workout with sit-ups and even cardio boxing
  • Many netizens were surprised that Jinkee can also throw a punch and praised her for being supportive of her husband’s sport

Jinkee and Senator Manny Pacquiao sharedon socialmedia their intense boxing workout and it amazed many netizens.

Image Capture of Video by Manny Pacquiao via Facebook

It sure looks like not only Manny has a strong punch but even his wife, Jinkee!

On Facebook, Manny shared a short video of how intense his usual workout routine is with Jinkee. The couple can be seen breaking sweat as they do sit-ups and even cardio boxing.

Many netizens were surprised that the seemingly reserved wife of the country’s “Pambansang Kamao” can also throw a good punch. Most comments were praises for Jinkee and how supportive she is of her husband.

A netizen wrote, “Wow! Mrs is so sporting too. You two are made for each other Senator sir. I dream of meeting up with you guys one fine day. God bless.”

Another said, “The couple that works out together stays together.”

A fan commented, “She supports her husband from all angles. If you have watched any fight of Pacman. You would find this woman in the VIP section praying and giving thumbs up to every point Pacman won. What a wife!”

CLICK the image to watch the video by Manny Pacquiao via Facebook

Another netizen also pointed out how important it is for married couples to bond more often.

He wrote, “Manny, that was really wonderful of you to show us men that we can use our wife in various ways to like what we do. Your wife tells us men that all other wives can be in every part of her husband’s journey and vise versa. The message I have is let your partner be your partner so the relationship is tighter and bonding. Love this.”

You can watch the video shared on Manny Pacquiao’s Facebook page.

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