“It’s fate”: Nurse who was late for work helps homeless woman in childbirth

  • Lorrainne Pingol, a 29-year-old nurse, helped a homeless woman delivery her baby on a sidewalk
  • She admitted she was late for work but realized that maybe it was fate that she was there at that exact time
  • The nurse said that while it had been decades since she assisted in a delivery, she knew she needed to help

A nurse has gone viral after she helped a homeless woman deliver her baby on the sidewalk of Osmeña Highway.

Image by Bangkal Emergency Rescue

Lorrainne Pingol, a 29-year-old nurse at an HMO company in Makati, was already an hour late for work when she got involved in a medical emergency. On a sidewalk, a homeless woman was lying down on cardboard ready to bring out her child to the world.

Christian Jacinto, a village councilman who was also head of the rescue team, said their all-male responders were not qualified to finish the delivery and called Lorrainne to help them out.

While Lorrainne admitted it had been nearly a decade since she assisted in a delivery, she knew she had to fulfill the pledge she made in her profession.

“Saka nurse din naman ako. May sinumpaan kami, yung ‘Good Samaritan’. Wherever you are, kahit outside of work ka, kapag may nangailangan (sa iyo), in the name of humanity you have to help because you’re a nurse,” Lorrainne shared with ABS-CBN.

Looking back at the incident, Lorrainne said that while it was unfortunate that she was late for work, maybe it was fate that brought her at the right time and place.

Image by Bangkal Emergency Rescue

“Siguro wrong timing siya in regards to my work, ‘di ba? Pero in regards to that situation, siguro talagang sinadya siguro ng Diyos na ma-late ako, na tanghaliin ako ng gising para sumakto yung oras ko sa oras ng pagdaan ko doon sa babaeng nagsilang at nang nakatulong ako,” she said.

“I think it was fate,” Lorrainne added.

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