“He’s a good man”: Lolit Solis defends Arnold Clavio over Sarah Balabagan revelation

  • Lolit Solis sided with Arnold Clavio after he was hounded by critics over Sarah Balabagan’s recent revelation
  • According to Sarah, Arnold fathered her first child
  • Lolis said Arnold is a good man and a fair journalist whose private life should not be judged

Lolit Solis defended Arnold Clavio over the recent revelations made by Sarah Balabagan.

Image by Arnold Clavio via Instagram

For Lolit, the news that Arnold fathered the eldest child of Sarah Balabagan is not new anymore. While she neither confirmed nor denied the issue, Lolit said this has always been brought up to taint the reputation of Arnold.

Lolit wrote on Instagram, “Si Arnold Clavio naman ang nasa news Salve. Katawa dahil matagal ng issue iyan na paulit ulit na lang binubuksan pag gusto ‘buwisitin’ si Arnold.”

She continued that Arnold is one of the most fair journalists and his private life doesn’t interfere with his commentaries.

“Isa sa pinakamahusay at fair radio journalists natin si Arnold Clavio, iyong private life niya hindi kahit kelan naka interfere sa kanyang fair judgement at mga komentaryo,” she said.

Lolit also said that the issue is not enough to destroy the credibility of the veteran broadcaster.

“Hindi iyan isang lumang issue ang puwede sumira sa kredibilidad ng isang Arnold Clavio. Kung anuman ang tutoo, kung anuman ang gusto nila palabasin sa pagbubukas ng isang private na bagay sa buhay ng isang tao, this time sure ako papalpak ang plano nila kay Arnold Clavio,” she said.

Image Capture of Video by GMA video

She also advised Arnold’s critics to leave him alone. “He is a good man, a good person doing his job, hayaan natin siya. Kaya mo iyan Arnold, ikaw pa, Idol kita noh,” she said.

Sarah, who was a former domestic helper, said in a video that she had an affair with Arnold 22 years ago. She said Arnold is the father of her eldest child.

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