“Going green”: Road center islands planted with pechay and other vegetables

  • Netizen Rezel May Colongan Goloran shared photos of their road center islands that have been planted with pechay and said they also planted other vegetables like okra
  • She said that it was Lilibeth Herbolingo, a road cleaning maintenance, who initiated planting vegetables in the center islands
  • Since then, more residents followed suit and started filling in more road center islands with crops and vegetables

Several road center islands gave a new purpose to the residents of Agusan del Sur as it have been planted with various vegetables.

Image by Rezel May Colongan Goloran Via Facebook

On Facebook, netizen Rezel May Colongan Goloran shared a photo of road center islands in Poblacion Bahbah, Prosperidad in Agusan del Sur where it was planted with petchay; ready for picking. She said aside from pechay, other center islands also have okra, mustasa, dahon ng sibuyas, kangkong and tomatoes.

Rezel said that it was a project of the local government to make their place beautiful and productive.

She wrote, “Who says road center islands are only for flowers for beatification purposes. No. Not this time. It is wonderful to see vegetable crops planted in the road center island here in Poblacion (Bahbah), Agusan del Sur. An idle small portion of land becomes productive. Isn’t it AMAZING!?”

She also shared a photo of Lilibeth Herbolingo, a road cleaning maintenance staff of their local government.

Ma’am Lilibeth is responsible for initiating the planting of vegetables in the road center islands in front of the bus terminal. She said that they made use of the seeds given to them by the LGU during ECQ for their work from home arrangements.

Image by Rezel May Colongan Goloran Via Facebook

Rezel said more residents were encouraged to follow the good practice and started planting more. She said, “Residents then followed planting vegetables in the center islands. Now, portions of center islands going to the bus terminal are now planted with vegetables by the residents along the road.”

Rezel shared how proud she is of their project. She wrote, “Not your ordinary road center island.”

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