Frankie Pangilinan claps back at online critics who called her “ugly”

  • Frankie Pangilinan responded to criticisms about her physical appearance
  • She said she doesn’t need any validation from others and doesn’t really mind the ridicules at all
  • The daughter of Sharon Cuneta said she is the only one who can call herself ugly

Frankie Pangilinan didn’t back down when several critics ridiculed her physical appearance online.

Image by Frankie Pangilinan via Instagram

The daughter of Sharon Cuneta showed she isn’t affected by the criticisms and even defended herself online.

On her Twitter account, Frankie posted, “Shawie did not call me Simone Francesca Emmanuelle Cuneta Pangilinan for some accounts made in August 2020 to call me panget.”

She added, “Once more I truly do not love myself this hard or at all I’m just the only one allowed to call myself uglie alright.”

Frankie has been an easy target by criticisms online for being vocal on several social issues. Since speaking up, she has faced several criticisms – from how she looks to the privileged life she enjoys. When one netizen downplayed her role in advocacies, Frankie said she doesn’t need validation from others and would rather work privately behind the cameras.

Frankie added, “I don’t care if u like or hate me. Just don’t discredit the causes I support based on ur preferences for me as an individual, that’s unfair and wrong.”

She also assured her fans that she remains unfazed with the ridicules that she doesn’t look good at all.

“Don’t worry! Sometimes, I try to believe it and then I look in the mirror and sigh in relief,” she said in jest.

Image by Frankie Pangilinan via Instagram

She went on to remind others to be confident and not look for validation from others.

“I don’t need validation for what I do. Sometimes I need it personally but it will never go further than that. I love you. Promise me you’ll never seek approval from anyone but yourselves,” Frankie said.

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