Former flight attendant returns to medical career to become COVID-19 frontliner

  • A flight attendant who was laid off decided to become a medical frontliner
  • After Madel Lucena lost her job, she returned to Palawan and went back to her profession as a medical technologist
  • She said she had a little fear at first considering the risks but knew she needed to pursue the oath she made as a medtech to help others in need

A former airline flight attendant took the plunge and returned to her medical profession to help the efforts against the spread of COVID-19.

Image by Madel Lucena via Facebook

Madel Thelia Lucena was one of the millions who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the airline companies downsized, many workers like Madel found themselves at odds with no job. She admitted it was not easy to let of her comfortable life as a flight attendant.

“Ang dami naming na-lay off. Until now umiiyak, until now hindi maka-move on from that. That was our dream—to be flying, enjoying ‘yung luxury life as a flight attendant. And then nawala bigla,” Madel shared with Cosmopolitan PH.

But instead of continually feeling down, Madel took this opportunity to join the government’s efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus. Madel returned to Palawan and found herself returning to her first profession as medical technologist.

She said she got the message that the testing centers in the area were hiring medical technologists. Madel knew her degree in BS Medical Laboratory Science would be a big help.

“Kailangan talaga nila. They are in need [of] medical technologists, kasi wala ritong school [para sa] course na ‘yon. Ako nasuwerte rin, na med tech na ako, nandito na ako,” she said.

Image by Madel Lucena via Facebook

Madel admitted she had a little fear considering the risk involved but she still went and pursued her oath to help others.

“Yung decision-making ko ang tagal but siyempre, at the end of the day, it’s still my profession. May oath ako na ti-nake na I have to help other people, the community right now,” she said.

May you be protected and blessed at all times, Madel.