Father barters live chickens in exchange for gadgets for kids’ online classes

  • Rommel Enriquez of Naga City was overwhelmed when he received help from netizens
  • He posted on an online barter community that he is willing to trade his live chickens in exchange for gadgets to be used by his four children for their online classes
  • Two netizens already pledged two smartphones for Rommel’s children

A father from Naga City decided to let go of his live chickens to purchase gadgets for his children’s online classes.

Image by Rommel Enriquez Via Facebook

Rommel Enriquez’s post on Naga City Camarines Sur Barter Community caught the attention of many netizens. While many were bartering for groceries, plants or other hobbies, Lemur was finding ways to help his four children with their upcoming online learning. He posted trying to find anyone willing to barter his chickens for gadgets.

Rommel sells rabbits for a living while his wife is a fruit vendor. Like many parents, online classes is becoming a burden because of the expenses needed for gadgets and internet connection.

Rommel said that modular learning or the use of printed learning modules is an option, but it might not work for them since his wife is also busy working.

“‘Yung tungkol po sa modular, medyo mahihirapan sila maka catch-up dun kasi ang asawa ko po nagtitinda. Walang mag-a-assist sa kanila,” he said.

He said he is not looking for anything new as long as he can have at least one gadget for his four kids. “Sabi ko nga kahit po second-hand basta magamit lang ng mga anak ko. Kahit isa lang,” he said.

Image by Rommel Enriquez Via Facebook

Rommel’s post has captivated many good-hearted netizens who extended their assistance to his family. He said two netizens already pledged smartphones for his children and he couldn’t be any happier.

He wrote, “Hinding hindi po namin makakalimutan ito. Makakaasa po kayo na hindi namin sasayangin ang oportunidad at tulong na naibigay n’yo, naging bahagi po kayong lahat sa lahat nang ito.”