Duterte tells Barangay officials to reject corruption at all times, “Isauli mo sa tao ‘yung honor na binigay nila sa inyo”

  • President Rodrigo Duterte urged barangay officials to work really hard and enforce the quarantine measures in their area
  • He warned barangay officials that they will be removed in office if they are found guilty of corruption
  • Duterte said barangay officials should “stop acting like God” because they are also humans

President Rodrigo Duterte warned barangay officials to stop acting like God or else they will be removed from public office.

Image by PCOO

The President reminded barangay officials that their duty should be to serve the public’s welfare. Duterte said they should help the government in strictly implementing the quarantine measures to ensure the public’s health amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Sa mga barangay captain, stop acting like God in your barangay. You are just a human being,” Duterte said during his televised public address Sunday night.

Duterte said barangay officials must reject corruption at all times. He continued that he does not have any respect for corrupt officials and will not hesitate to seek suspension or dismissal for dishonest barangay officials.

“Wala na akong respeto sa inyo. I have no compunction about sending you to jail or suspending you. So you are removed from the political horizon. You do not deserve to stay in the government a minute longer,” he added.

The President said he will not even give a second chance to those who will be found guilty of corruption. “Pag nagkamali kayo dito, wala. Pasensya. I will demand your resignation if it really calls for it,” he said.

Image by PNA

In the same public address, Duterte appealed to barangay officials to work hard instead. He asked the officials to work in strictly implementing the quarantine.

“Mga barangay captains, it’s time that you really work. Isauli mo sa tao yung honor na binigay nila sa inyo. You work, strictly enforce yung quarantine,” he said.