Dennis Trillo dresses as Blippi to surprise Jennylyn Mercado’s son Jazz

  • Dennis Trillo dressed up as Blippi to surprise his girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado’s son
  • Jennylyn said Jazz loved Dennis’ birthday surprise
  • Jazz, Jennylyn’s son with Patrick Garcia, turned 12 years old

Dennis Trillo became the popular YouTube star “Blippi” for a day for Jennylyn Mercado’s son Jazz.

Image by Jennylyn Mercado via Instagram

The actor surprised the son of his girlfriend when he dressed up as Blippi for his 12th birthday. Complete with the powder blue long-sleeved top, with an orange bow tie, and orange suspenders, Dennis dressed up as Jazz’s current favorite YouTube personality.

Jennylyn shared the photo of her boyfriend hugging Jazz, as the boy smiled. She wrote, “My sweet and precious birthday boy couldn’t have asked for a better birthday surprise. Happy birthday Jazzy!”

Jazz is Jennylyn’s son with her former partner Patrick Garcia.

In the comments section, Nikka Garcia, the wife of Patrick, also greeted Jazz a happy birthday.

In an earlier interview, Jennylyn opened up how much her relationship with Dennis has changed through the years. She shared with Inquirer, “We have evolved from the first time we were together as a couple. Iba na kami bilang tao. There’s more maturity on both sides.”

Jennylyn said they have learned to be more understanding of each other when they have differing opinions.

She said, “We used to argue about petty stuff, like each other’s outfits. If ever there are misunderstandings, we talk things over to understand each other’s perspective and how we can resolve them.”

Image by Jennylyn Mercado via Instagram

Meanwhile, Jennylyn said if there’s a love advice she could give to her son Jazz, that would be to love himself first.

“To love himself first. He has to feel that he is complete as a person, so he won’t have to rely on others for his happiness. It has to start from within,” she said.