Congratulations! Andi Eigenmann announces excitement over Baby #3 on Philmar’s birthday

  • Andi Eigenmann announced that she is pregnant with her third baby
  • She made the announcement in a birthday greeting for her partner Philmar Alipayo
  • The celebrity mom said she hopes Philmar will enjoy this “amazing gift” she has for him

Andi Eigenmann is now expecting her third child.

Image by Andi Eigenmann via Instagram

Baby number 3 is on the way for Andi! The celebrity mom made the announcement in a vlog as she greeted her partner, Philmar Alipayo, a happy birthday. Andi began by apologizing that she is in Manila and cannot be with him on his special day.

Speaking in Siargaonon, Andi said, “Happy birthday, mahal ko. We miss you so much. I hope we get to go home to the island soon so we can be together again and we can celebrate your birthday together.”

She went on to thank Philmar for the awesome life she shares with him and their family.

“For now, my message for you is thank you very much for everything you do for our family and for me. I have this really awesome life with you and because of you, I live in a really nice island and I live in paradise with you and the kids,” Andi continued.

She said she wishes nothing but happiness for Philmar and that may he reach their dreams.

“I hope you are also happy to have us in your life and to have me. I hope you’ll always be happy and that you’ll keep inspiring everyone to work hard every day to achieve their dreams,” she said.

In the end, Andi announced that they will soon have their “newest Happy Islander on the way.”

Image by Andi Eigenmann via Instagram

“I’m so happy to be building this amazing family with you and I hope you consider this an amazing gift for you on your birthday,” Andi said.

You can watch the vlog via Andi Eigenmann’s YouTube channel:

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